Easy peasy!

Welcome to EDIT, the only platform you will need for your Social Media Projects

Stop searching for other tools

EDIT is an “all in one” platform to manage all the processes for a perfect SMM. From the planning to the reporting, you will not need to integrate dozens of accounts to deliver quality projects.

Teamwork at its finest

Not only content, but also people are involved in Social Media. Cooperate with your team-mates and manage what you and your collaborators are doing.

Drag and drop organization

User Experience is really important to have a relaxing and peaceful life, so we are trying to let you have a really easy to use product.

Crossposting Level-up

The wise once said "why opening two tabs when you can have all in one?", it's 2018 baby let's move in something better. Post on every social media with less clicks and less stress.

Will be released as a private BETA 

We are still working on a good looking easy to use MVP but don't worry, we will have our first official release soon.

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